Stair Lift Measuring Guide 1


Heavy Duty Outdoor Cover Included

5 Year Warranty

16 Feet of Track Included

350 Pound Capacity

Zinc Coated Rack and Pinion Gears

Anodized Aluminum Rail That Can Reach 32 Feet

Sealed, waterproof connection points.

Not water resistant, water proof. Essential, & not included

with other brands.

The Toughest Outdoor Powder Coating Available

Classic Electric/Battery Powered Outdoor Stair Lift-FACTORY DIRECT

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The Legacy Classic outdoor stair lift provides the same reliable functionality of the indoor model with the added benefits of weather-resistant construction. It not only improves outdoor mobility, but also has a protective coating to resist the elements throughout the changing seasons. Outdoor lifts come in handy for seniors, those who have a physical disability or people with health concerns including heart conditions. If you have to avoid the stairs for any reason, using a chair lift for outdoor stairs can make life easier on you and your family.

The Legacy Classic Outdoor Stair Lift is the flagship model outdoor stairway lift from Staying Home Corporation. For outdoor use a stair lift must be tough, and this one is as tough and durable as they come. Just consider the following points:

  • 5 year warranty on the motor. the gears, and the circuit board. We even warranty the batteries for one year, and 2 years on all other parts. You simply will not need service calls with any Staying Home lift.
  • 16 feet of track included. Two feet more than other brands.
  • Heavy duty canvas stair lift cover. Not a light weight plastic bag.
  • Durable 350 lb capacity. Not 250 to 275 like other brands.
  • Rack & Pinion concealed zinc coated drive track. Way superior to a cable drive prone to parting.
  • Zinc coated rack & pinion gears
  • Maximum track length 32 feet, not 25 like other brands. (Particularly important if you ever need to move it to another location or re-sell)
  • Plated track brackets & chassis frame. Essential for outdoor elements exposure
  • Anodized aluminum rail
  • Protection coating on the circuit board - guaranteed for life
  • Stainless steel hardware. Believe it or not, some other brands use hardware that can rust.
  • Sealed, waterproof connection points. Not water resistant, water proof. Absolutely essential, and not included with some other brands.
  • Outdoor, industrial grade powder grating. And there is a difference. This powder coating is high grade, and the toughest available.
  • Rocker switches on either side of the seat for the convenience of the user.

Waterproof chair lifts such as the Legacy Classic repel rain and continue to work even in the worst weather. Because of its stainless steel hardware, the Classic doesn't rust or show aging. It also has a zinc-coated rack and pinion system, which means no broken cables or time spent on repairs. Legacy Classic stair lifts for outdoor stairways include high seat backs, high-quality stitching, wireless seat and landing controls, and more for added comfort and to improve your mobility outside of your home

Here is a host of reasons you should consider a stair lift manufactured by Staying Home:

  • Nothing attaches to the wall. All the weight is on the stair steps
  • High seat backs and low foot rests on both models
  • High quality stitching on the seats
  • Very low profile track only 2 and 1/2 inches tall, and only 6 and 1/2 inches wide
  • 8 foot sections of track weigh only 36 pounds, all anodized aluminum
  • Obstruction safety sensors on both, the chassis and the foot rest with beep notification
  • 20 trips in reserve if the power goes out
  • Plugs in to standard 110 power
  • Off charge beep notification
  • Wireless seat and landing controls sensing constant pressure
  • Chassis mounted auxiliary control switch
  • Ultra smooth starts and stops due to rack and pinion drive
  • Interior gear rack means no cables to break
  • Wireless remotes for upper and lower landings
Stair Lift Measuring Guide 1
Technical Specification

ETL approved A17.5 / B44 – A18.1

Rack & pinion drive zinc coated

Interior gear rack zinc coated

industrial coating throughout

Guaranteed For Life

25 to 45 degree angle applications

Non-handed units stock able

Top & bottom charge stations

Quick adjustment limit cams

Folds to 11” from the wall

Chassis weight 40 lbs.

Track weight for 8’ section 36 lbs.

Wireless seat control

Wireless remote controls for upper & lower landings

8’ & 6’-6” track sections available

Off charge audio beep notification

Chassis mounted auxiliary control switch

Obstruction audio beep notification

Battery operated system

Low profile stair-hugger track & bracket design – 2-1/2” track rest on stairs

Constant pressure controls

3” to 6” horizontal extension at top landing (depending on angle)

90 degree swivel seat assembly at top landing

ANODIZED aluminum rail 

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