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Rack & Pinion Drive - no cables, no wind up drums

Pre-assemblies & lack of cables result in lowest install times

Shipping costs reduced

Will run up to 20 cycles in a power outage

200 pound capacity standard

EMI Honeywell interlocks standard

Simple 110 outlet required

Free space specific drawings you can build from

No machine room needed

Aluminum rail instead of steel T rail

No cables to go slack & create service calls

Classic Hide-A-Waiter Dumbwaiter

  • Product Code: SHCDW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $4,895.00

Available Options

  • Rack & Pinion.
  • 16 feet of track standard
  • EMI interlocks standard
  • 200 pound capacity standard

Can ship for a reduced cost, include Honeywell EMI interlocks in the price, and charge less for larger applications that require options and extra features. Look at the totals before you decide. Call us at 1-859-536-7156

Made to order simple Installation takes half the time of others.
This dumbwaiter is a rack and pinion drive. There are no cables, chains, or drums to install.
The entire motor and electronics assembly comes pre-assembled on the lower section of the track.
Simple pre-planning will tell you all you need to know about ease of installation.
Entire drive system comes completely assembled on the track
No slack cable lockups to create service calls as there are no cables
The only dumbwaiter that will run up to 20 cycles in a power outage--very important for food service applications
On Board Diagnostics
200 Pound Capacity–Optional Cabs To 275 Pounds
5 Year Warranty on motor & gears–2 Years on other parts, including the battery
Top quality EMI Interlocks ——- included in the price
Low voltage wires pull 2 amps–Simple 110 plug outlet — No dedicated circuit required
Custom Cab Sizes Available
No pulleys or wire cable to wind up on a drum
Installation made even easier with our bypass control & on board diagnostic
Meets ANSI, ASME, IBC, NEC, ASTM, & AWS standards
Little Things That Add Up To A big Difference

If you have shopped around, and done a minimum of homework you will by now have discovered that other brands cannot live up to the "easy install" claims. There is certainly no way that any wire cable drive that has to be wrapped around a drum is easier to install than a simple rack and pinion with no cable at all. The last thing to say about installations is that the entire drive comes pre-assembled with the circuit boards on the track beneath the cab. Since there is no cable there is nothing to wind up, just a track with gears that is easily assembled, and mounted to the wall. We could go on, but the list is long. Our other customers and dealers who service the Classic will convince you since most of them have installed the other brands.

Are you planning to add your own electrical supply? If not then you may have to spend an additional 300 or more dollars on many of the other brands just to get them running. The Classic only pulls 2 amps, the call/sends and interlocks are snap connections, and no dedicated circuit is required. Are you prepared to deal with service calls when the "slack cable device" stops the lift? The Classic Dumbwaiter has no cable drive, and no slack cable device that will lock up the dumbwaiter. It is easy to understand why low voltage wiring is superior to everything else.

What if the power goes out when your dumbwaiter is in transit? Not a problem with the Classic since it will run up to 20 cycles without any external power. And what about the "standard" mechanical interlocks that come with other brands? Mechanical interlocks require that you increase the size of your shaft to accommodate them, they are tough to install, and difficult to access for repairs. The Classic comes standard with the best interlocks, EMI, that mount directly in the jam allowing you to use less space in the shaft, and center the lift. If you want a 200 pound capacity dumbwaiter it will cost an additional 200 to 300 dollars with most other brands. If you want the EMI interlocks that come standard with the Classic you'll have to spend an additional 600 or more dollars with other brands. Does your travel distance exceed 12 feet? If so you have to add another 300 or more dollars for extra track with other brands while the Classic comes standard with 16 feet. With the Classic, for that same 300 dollar savings, you can travel up to 24 feet. With most other brands you will pay a much higher price for shipping. We will offer you easy shipping options that can cut your shipping cost in half.

Little things that add up to a big difference.

Technical Specification

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