1,000 lb. capacity
Integrated Safety Brake
Expanded Aluminum on all panels
3.5” x 5” x .33” Beam
Model 75 Gearbox
Twin greaseless bearing head
1 hp or 1.5 hp motor as supplied
Handheld Remote Control

Interior basket dimensions:
Side to Side: 46”
Front to back: 49.5”

Exterior dimensions excluding L bracket:
Side to side: 52”
Back of beams to cage front: 60”

Gate opening: 36”
Mounting height: 20.5’ maximum
“L” mounting bracket

Resources Available

Dimensions for Maxi & Midi Cargo Lift

Bracing Types

Gate Swings

Safety Features

Maxi vs Midi Cargo Lift Comparison

Top-Down View of Cage

To configure a cargo basket - declare the gate positions as follows: with your back to the beams, the left- hand position would be a No. 1, the front a No. 2 and the right a No. 3. While it rarely comes into play, we consider the beam side of the cage the No. 4 position. 

Maxi & Midi Cargo Lift Installation Procedure

Maxi Cargo Lift Specs

L-Brace Template



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  • $7,259.00

Available Options

  • Marine grade aluminum 
  • All components sealed against harsest conditions & toughest use
  • No rust or metal fatigue
  • Simple do it yourself installation with our support

On our On our On On our home page we explain that we offer only those products we know are of the highest quality, and offer the best value.  This family of cargo lifts is a perfect example.  And let's face it.  What product could you magine where toughness, and quality would be more important?  We can't think of one.  The Maxi has the largest mast beams used in the industry, and is built with marine grade aluminum.  Marine grade means higher stength, and greater corrosion resistance.  Darned important for almost every use you can imagine for a cargo lift.  Particularly for the toughest weather or constant use in a work environment.  Have to mention the dual cables with a working load of 1280 pounds each, with a breaking stength of 6400 pounds. 

We do not offer any other cargo lift group because this one fits perfectly with our demand for satisfied customers.  Thousands of these are installed, and are the choice for the safety conscious among us.

  • Manufactured with marine grade aluminum and stainless which are impervious to the harshest weather conditions guaranteeing a lifetime of use with no rust or metal fatigue.
  • Time and field proven electrical controls, motors and gearboxes. All components are weather sealed against water intrusion. UL tested and certified.
  • When working with aluminum, mass equates to strength. Our dimensional material is the largest, thickest and heaviest used in the industry.
  • Engineer designed, stamped and approved.
  • Windstorm rated to 146 mph.
  • Five-year warranty on all structural components and gearbox. One-year guarantee on all electrical components by the manufacturer.
  • Dedicated personnel to step you through the installation process and diagnose any problems that you may encounter.
  • Integrated Cage Arrest safety brake on all MaxiLift and optional on the Midi & Mini Lifts.
  • Timely turnaround from order point to shipping.

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